Sunday, February 21, 2010

there's a little tortuga on my porch and dani's going into the army in a week or so...

There's a little turtle on my porch,
and it tried to come inside the house...

I just arrived at my new homestay (where I'll be staying for one only week) and actually spotted a turtle trying to come inside the house from the porch and somehow it crazily reminded me that Dani (my little bro) is going into the Israeli army on March 8th. EEEEK!

so now I'm going to freak out a little..

what the heck!?
(oh, goodness. i just watched a video of him (dani, not the turtle) licking the floor of the shuk or market in Jerusalem!! He is one silly, crazy dude!! The silly things 18-year-old's do to impress their friends? or themselves? and win some money for it...or it's probably just Dani...)

Anyhoo. Somehow watching that video really calmed me down. He's still the same ol' silly absolutely ridiculous Donster!!

...Back in Buenos Aires - basically I signed up to take intensive language classes for three weeks, leaving one week open before my actual study abroad program would start, so that I could travel if I wanted to. But since I didn't find a travel partner for the one week, I decided to continue taking language classes for another week - really practice my Spanish - and stay with a new family (since my original family had planned a vacation for this week since a while back...)

Now I'm staying much much closer to my school in the Belgrano neighborhood - my host family lives only 6 blocks away! And there's a lovely large porch right next to my room that's filled with greenery AND...apparently a turtle too!
It was really a blast to stay with my first host family - since Adriana was almost like a "host sister" instead of a host mother since she's only 29.
But I only just met Maria Cristina (who's middle-aged and actually like a "host mother") and already, I'm just as excited to be staying here too. She was so friendly and welcoming - and since I'm starting afresh, with three weeks of intensive spanish under my belt, I feel that I can communicate with her in Spanish so much more than with my first family!
She also has one child still living with her- and I'm not sure if it's a guy or a girl (it's early Sunday morning and they're still sleeping now), but I know that he/she is likely older than me, probably in their 20's...

I'm off to have a little siesta now, so I'll post more later or tomorrow...besos.


  1. maybe cuz a turtles shell is called "shiryon" in hebrew like tanks are called in the israeli army... or maybe you're just crazy...meh... prob both...

  2. oh eliana! i miss you so much! great blog, keep it up! love love