Monday, February 1, 2010

an arrival of all sorts

I made it!

I am now sitting on the porch of my host family's apartment. With a view of trees covering the street below, and tall apartment buildings all around.

With minor complications (the taxi that was supposed to pick me up never showed, or went to the wrong terminal or something!) so I waited for a while (about 45 min or so) and then just took an official taxi from the airport instead. Of course my taxi driver didn't speak any English, so I tried to talk to him in my non-existent Spanish and all I could really say was that the weather was beautiful and VERY HOT! compared to New York, where it's freezing and snowing. After that, he tried continuing the conversation, but of course I really didn't understand much, so that was the end of that!

But Adriana, my host mother who says she doesn't speak very much English- has very good English when she does speak it. Though she doesn't really like to - which means that I can really challenge myself and try to speak ONLY Spanish, after I go to classes for a few days to refresh my memory, that is.

Ciao for now,



  1. yay! welcome! message me on facebook when you can. Wanna do lunch tomorrow? just wanna see you soon!! neshikot

  2. challenge yourself! speak with your host family! speaking outside of school is where most of your learning will come from. Or rather... listening outside of class. I pick up tons of phrases and vocab just by listening carefully to whoever i'm talking to is saying. Glad to know you made it safely. When I came here (with my dad, its a long story), we ended up taking a private car to the hotel for like 220 pesos. Obviously that was way unnecessary but it was the nicest car I have been in since I've beenin Buenos Aires... jaja. chau