Tuesday, February 2, 2010



it's definitely raining!

only the second day here, and the weather cooled down drastically!

A tidbit about the late night food:

First of all, I have a great first impression of my host family! Not only is Adriana really relaxed, friendly, welcoming, generous, etc. but so far (crossing my fingers) she has been cooking some delicious dinners! (And dinner isn't supposed to be a big deal here!)
So the fact that, so far, we haven't sat down to eat until 10pm each night, is something that I'll just have to get used to...meaning either: bigger lunches, or a medium lunch and a light evening snack.
Sadly for me, my favorite meal - breakfast - has not been so impressive...

For those Bronstein food fanatics (and others) out there here's the low-down:

the first night Adriana made fried berenjena (una palabra that I understood right away since Grandma Mary always called her eggplant dish by the Spanish word!) and a delicious arugula salad. all in small but delicious portions. just those two simple things set my expectations really high,
and after the main dishes she brought out some delicious fruit
-oranges, grapes, apples, bananas.
followed by a spoonful of dulché de leche!

also, of course her son, Lucio is adorable and very skinny and doesn't want to eat his dinner (reminds me a bit of Yishai a year or two ago...) and always wants the center of attention!!
(More Lucio anecdotes on my next post...)


tonight, she made a beautiful empanada filled with delicious vegetables - onions, peppers, etc. which definitely topped the eggplant dish!

so basically, I can't wait for tomorrow night's dinner!

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