Wednesday, May 26, 2010

this is the way i walk

i wrote this little poem a while back when i lived in Recoleta...

this is the way i walk

down the street.

past plaza rodriguez peña,
and off onto avenida santa fe.

i peak into windows of ritzy stores,
getting excited about fancy sandals, and then i remember
that buenos aires is a shopping city. filled with shops. and nice clothes. with good bargains. and really, i am not a super-shopping-kind-of-gal. so i laugh at myself. and walk on.

down the street,

past plaza francia,
with the touristy market,
the local musicians lying about on the grass,
playing manu chau or african beats, or plain old rock and roll tunes,

i plop down on the grass,
next to some tipos, (chicos)
who start chatting with me,
and ask me do i want to sing! or play guitar?

to which i decline, but instead,
i chat with them,
they are from mexico, bolivia, and columbia,
but live here,
study here,
in buenos aires.

and then after a while i have to pee and say so long,
and i walk

down the street,
past the Recoleta Cemetery,
where Eva Peron is buried,
and all the tombstones are above ground
(like in New Orleans, where they call it "the city of the dead"),
but my favorite tomb, is the one with overgrown shubbery,
reminding me that I want to see the greenery of this ciudad,
so out I dash from all that stone and cement,
and walk on,

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