Thursday, May 27, 2010

El Palmar

after these few months in a bustling city, I CANNOT wait for rural, urban life.
my heart yearns for it.
i am definitely not a city girl. no sirreeeee!
everytime i leave the city to travel, i don't want to go back to Buenos Aires.
i want to stay out of the city.

this past weekend I went camping! i drove with an Argentine friend to a beautiful national park called El Palmar, in the province of Entre Rios, that is filled with none other than lots and lots of palm trees!
it was spectacular and lovely.
and there were lots of families and other kids and hippies and only a few tourists. mostly argentines. we only went for two days but on our second and last morning while eating breakfast at the campsite we met this Girl named Greta from Germany and she ended up joining us until we dropped her off in ConcepciĆ³n de Uruguay.

polaroids on the way...!

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